High Performance Laser Cutting at Low Cost


20 June 2024

The THUNDERBIRD for 2D laser cutting is the perfect entry-level machine that low investment costs and quality components make it a competitive offer. 

THUNDERBIRD enables high-quality cutting of thin sheets from steel and stainless steel to aluminum, copper and brass. While investment cost and operating costs are the key advantages of this machine, efficiency is one of the other advantages as well. With a table size of 3x1.5m, THUNDERBIRD Laser has two pallet design but without lift and hydraulic system. A longer Z-axis can be used instead.

High Performance Laser Cutting at Low Cost

Equipped with a Beckhoff controller that combines ease of use and stylish design, users of the THUNDERBIRD fiber laser machine can learn and control the entire manufacturing process quickly and easily.

All the software designed and developed by Ermaksan engineers that offer flexible work arrangements into their unique business needs. The machine is easily programmed via the Metalix / Lantek CAD/CAM system, that decreases production time and material waste and increases productivity. 


Grupo Redima
Grupo Redima

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